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Lab Lead at Unternehmertum GmbH

In the Bio.Kitchen you can materialise your molecular fantasies. The lab offers you 5 workplaces
with all relevant tools and materials for molecular biology, 2 workplaces for microbiology safety lvl
1 and a fume hood safety cabinet and storage for chemistry works.
The lab allows you for example to analyse DNA, program DNA and express proteins and even
phages in cell free systems. You can do fermentation and cultivation of any species known as
safe, e.g. ferment yeast or E. coli. Our collection of chemicals, tools and equipment is ready at
hand to advance your projects.
The lab intro course will teach you how to work sterile and grow your own organisms while
familiarize you with the standard equipment of the lab and explain you how to handle it safely.
Further it will inform you about the legal background of micro- and molecular biology in Germany
and how to handle biological and chemical materials.

Bio.Kitchen: Sample Lesson
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