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Lab Automation for Phage therapy

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The World Health Organization reports that antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health. A promising alternative – phage therapy – has an extensive history of successful application in countries with limited access to antibiotics. However, widespread application of phage therapy still has to become reality.

Phages must be selected and designed specifically to the needs of the individual patient after an in-depth microbiological analysis of the pathogen. After treatment, new resistances will emerge quickly. Thus, new phages have to be constantly extracted from natural sources like sewage water to maintain the efficacy of the treatment. Hence, Phage Therapy today requires extensive knowledge and is thus cost intensive and cannot be adapted to the quickly evolving resistances of pathogens. Furthermore, it currently has to happen locally where the pathogen emerges.

Medea Phage Systems is developing an automated phage system to create extensive biobanks for phages for treatment which will be continuously updated and thereby lay the foundation for future phage therapy which will be applicable anywhere on the globe. Therefore, the solutions provided offer are a significant cost reduction due to automation of so far manual tasks. Further, automated procedures reduce the expertise needed to extract phages, which will significantly improve the availability of effective lytic phages for the customer.

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